back in America..

Well folks this is it,

My last night in Dakar ended up pretty random..We met up with Fou Malade’s younger brother, Ousmane, who brought us to a French woman’s house where a few of the rappers were getting ready for the show..We shared an omelette with Duggy Tee’s younger brother, while they played some beats from the computer.  We finally made it to the show around 3 am and it was just getting going..We were glad to hear Duggy Tee’s performance & rolled into the hotel as everyone was boarding the bus!

Now for the return-I’ve been up for two full days and have finally arrived in Billings, Montana via New York & Salt Lake.  But Im still 320 miles from home..America seems so quite and strange to me..The adjustment is quite difficult.  I guess this is what they call culture shock!

My stay in Teraanga Land was better than I could have ever imagined…

The Senegalese people were extremely kind & generous & funny..the multiple languages, food, beverage, music, art, dancing, markets, smells, streetwalking, wrestling, baobabs, peanuts, nescafe, taxis, countryside, nitelife, beaches, islands & swimming (just to mention a few) was excellent!!!

I met some new friends & family whom I look forward to communicating with.  I survived the heat (barely)..I survived the mosquitos (with only bites around the ankles)..I survived riding the Toubab bus (barely)…….But most importantly my mind and heart has opened up to a new part of the world and I can’t wait to share my experiences in Africa with my students and help open their eyes to a new culture and different perspectives.

JEREJEF to the entire WARC staff, Ton Ton Samba & Mbye (our fabulous program directors), my Sai Sai’s and all the beautiful Senegalese people whose spirit touched my life and will forever be in my memory & heart.  I am truly a different person than I was just one month ago…

Goodbye Africa, for now…I hope to return again!

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  1. I truely enjoyed following your travels via the webposts. I shared them with family members and look to use the pictures in classroom activities. The trip of a lifetime perhaps. We grow from every experience we have, and surely your growth must be off the charts. I feel that I also have changed as a result of my experiences at Frazer. I will miss the daily updates to your website.

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